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deNovo Health is not an insurance plan, it is a membership plan.  Think of it like a gym membership for primary healthcare. A third of every dollar you spend on healthcare pays for insurance administration, overhead costs and profit for the insurance company.

At deNovo Health we invest the money we save on enhanced patient services and reduced fees. Part of this savings allows us to spend more time with you since we are not hurrying on to the next patient to make ends meet.  Leaving health insurance companies out of the primary care loop puts decision making about your care where it belongs- with you and your provider.

The membership program involves an initiation fee plus a monthly membership fee that is based upon age and health status. The initiation fee includes a complete array of laboratory tests, as well as a comprehensive interview. Through these we are able to determine your health status, predisposition to illness related to family genetics and your individual health concerns. Plans range from $66 – $92 per month.

With deNovo Health membership, there is never a charge or co-pay for the office visit with your provider. Your provider can typically see you the same day or the day after you call for an appointment. If your personal provider is out of the office, we’ll be happy to schedule your visit with another provider.

The deNovo Health membership program offers primary and preventive services. Primary care includes almost everything you’d want to see a doctor for and includes care for acute illnesses, minor injuries, help with chronic conditions and routine physical exams. Primary care emphasizes screening for conditions like cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease so they can be treated early and effectively.

Managing chronic conditions is an important part of primary care. Your personal healthcare provider can provide education, training to help manage diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, asthma, heart disease, high cholesterol and other chronic conditions.

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